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Why Sicce?
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Product Detail

Item#: SIC428W
Product Name: Whale 3 Canister Filter - up to 90 gallon (264gph)
Category: Filtration*
Subategory: Canister
Manufacturer: Sicce
The new White Whale 3 Canister external filter is ideal for any 50-90 gallon aquarium and features an easy start up system. With a large filtration volume this filter guarantees crystal clear water with silent operation.

NEW! Unique and practical concept of self priming system

Ready to use and easy to set-up: complete with accessories and high performance filter media

2 year warranty

For fresh and salt water aquariums

Spacious removable media baskets for biological, mechanical, and chemical filter media

No wet hands with floating media baskets

SICCE ENERGY EFFICIENT - lowest energy consumption
Whale 3:

Flow rate: 264gph

Tank capacity: 50-90 gal

Power absorption: 16w

Head max: 5.25ft

Canister volume: 1.8 gal

Baskets: 3

Tube length: 6ft

Tube diameter: 5/8-15/16

Includes: Bioker, Akuapure, Akuaclear, Fine sponge block, and coarse sponge block

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