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Product Detail

Item#: SIC580
Mfg#: ewha04u
Product Name: HyperReef Magnesium Part 1 32oz
Category: Additives*
Subategory: Coral Calcium, Magnesium, & Alkalinity
Manufacturer: Sicce
HyperReef Supplements
3-Part Reef Maintenance System

Preserving the correct balance of important chemical components of seawater is crucial to the long term success of every marine reef aquarium. Of primary importance to the survival of corals, mollusks and many other reef invertebrates is the supply of calcium and carbonate ions. Without these components in the correct ionic ratio, invertebrates cannot deposit calcium carbonate in their skeletons or shells. Because organisms extract calcium and carbonate ions from the surrounding water, regular supplementation is necessary to replenish these ions.

Makes crucial reef tank maintenance simple and foolproof
Magnesium, calcium and alkalinity supplement system
Ionically balanced formulations
High purity ingredients
Developed by a professional biologist
Ideal for all corals, clams and other reef invertebrates

Corals and many other reef invertebrates require a constant supply of both calcium and carbonate in order to construct their skeletons. HyperReef Part 2 is the calcium component of our simple, two part system for reef tank maintenance. HyperReef Part 3 is the carbonate component of our system. These two components are formulated to provide calcium and carbonate in ionically-balanced solutions made from high-purity ingredients.

All components of the HyperReef Maintenance System are free from contaminants such as ammonia, silicate, phosphate and organic matter.

By following our simplified instructions for use, the various components of the HyperReef Maintenance System will meet the needs of reef tank hobbyists at all levels of experience, from novice to master.

Typical ocean surface values for these parameters are:
Magnesium 1280 ppm
Calcium 420 ppm
Alkalinity 2.5 meq/L (7 dKH)

HyperReef Magnesium Part 1
SICCE HyperReef Magnesium Supplement contains 55000 ppm of magnesium. Each ml added per gallon will increase the magnesium concentration by 14.47 ppm. To avoid undesirable ionic imbalances, the product is formulated using magnesium chloride and magnesium sulfate, while maintaining the ratio of chloride and sulfate found in natural seawater. (NSW = 7.1:1). Like the other components of the SICCE HyperReef product line, our Magnesium is produced using high-purity ingredients.

Directions: Calculate the correct dosage by following four simple steps.
1. Measure the magnesium concentration of the aquarium.
2. Decide how much you wish to change the magnesium concentration. For example, if the test result is 1200 ppm and you want to reach a target concentration of 1390 ppm, the amount of change is 190 ppm.
3. Multiply the amount of change by the number of net gallons in the aquarium system.
4. Multiply the result from step three by 0.07. The result is the number of milliliters of supplement required to reach the desired concentration.

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