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Item#: SIC539
Mfg#: sic
Product Name: HyperClear Reef 12oz
Category: Additives*
Subategory: Bio Filtration, Cycling, & Nutrient Control
Manufacturer: Sicce
HyperClear Reef was developed to reduce organic load, Nitrate, sludge, phosphate, and help keep live rock and water pristine naturally and safely in saltwater aquariums. HyperClear is an all-natural, organic blend of live bacteria and enzymes. HyperClear's proprietary blend of synergistic bacteria reduces sludge, nitrate, and phosphate. The result? Less work for hobbyists and a clear, clean, thriving aquarium.

-Safe for all aquatic animals

-Reduces Sludge, nitrate and phosphate levels and thus the nuisance organisms that feed on them.

-Proven, laboratory tested formula

Dosage: (1 capful = 5 mL) Shake well before using. When water quality problems are present, use 1 fluid ounce (30ml) per 20 gallons weekly for 30 days. To prevent water quality problems and reduce maintenance, reduce dosage in half and use weekly when no water change is being done.

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