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Why Sicce?
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Product Detail

Item#: SIC466
Mfg#: cakp100
Product Name: AkuaPure High Pore Bio Media 100 gram
Category: Filter & Reactor Media*
Subategory: Biological
Manufacturer: Sicce
AkuaPure is an organic filter media made of very fine grained clays. A small mass possesses a very large surface area, so, even when using a small quantity of the product, there is a vast area on which good bacteria (Nitrosomas and Nitrobacter) involved in biological filtration (nitrification process) can develop.

AkuaPure"s absorbing power is selective and directed towards pollutants and catabolites, avoiding to capture nutrients, like vitamins.

AkuaPure releases minerals and trace elements, with noticeable benefits for all the aquarium"s living inhabitants.

Instructions: Rinse the product under running water to eliminate super-fine particles, then place it in the special basket inside the filter.

We recommend replacing the product with a fresh pack every 3 months.

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