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Product Detail

Item#: SIC446
Product Name: HyperBakto Capsules Hyperactive Bacteria to Remove Ammonia & Nitrite 30 cap
Category: Additives*
Manufacturer: Sicce
HyperBakto Capsules Hyperactive Bacteria SIC446

HyperBakto Capsules are enhanced with over 100,000 nitrifying bacteria per gram to initiate and facilitate the bacterial seasoning of new and established aquariums. In the aquatic systems, a healthy biological balance is regulated by abundant colonies of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria that break down biologically harmful substances and eliminate their harmful affects on aquatic life. Pollutants in the aquatic environment cause stress reactions to inhabitants which can lead to disease and even death.

HyperBakto Capsules instantly trigger biological actions to begin the nitrification and denitrification processes necessary to support aquatic life. Nitrification aerobically oxidizes ammonia and nitrite, both of which cause acute damage to gills and other sensitive tissues and can lead to rapid death. Denitrification anaerobically reduces the byproducts of nitrification to less harmful substances that can be removed by water changes and the addition of silicate media like SICCE HyperZeo. Closely monitoring water quality and increasing oxygenation by increasing water movement are important in a new aquarium, when adding new fish and when using medications.

Dechlorinate with Sicce HyperBio. For new aquariums, use one capsule for every 10-13 gallons of water. Test the water each day for the first two weeks, then weekly. Should there be a spike in nitrite and/or ammonia, use one capsule for every 10-13 gallons of water. If ammonia and/or nitrite are present, add Sicce HyperZeo to the filter and increase the movement of water to oxygenate the bacteria bed. Repeat this dosage upon introduction of first fish. Once the aquarium has cycled, use one HyperBakto capsule of for every 10-13 gallons of water. Perform regular maintenance and water changes. Accidental overdose of HyperBakto is harmless to tank inhabitants.

Package treats up to 390 gallons of water.

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

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