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Product Detail

Item#: SIC445
Mfg#: chbi150-e
Product Name: Hyperbio Dechlorinator 150ml
Category: Water Conditioners, R/O, & Salt*
Subategory: Water Conditioners & Dechlorinators
Manufacturer: Sicce
Hyperbio Dechlorinator is a biological additive that neutralizes heavy metals and chlorine, making water suitable for plant and animal
life in the aquarium.

Tap water can contain chlorine and heavy metals in concentrations that are hazardous for fish and invertebrates. The concentrations of these elements often show their negative effects right away; other times their action is slower, but not less harmful. Even water coming from a poorly maintained (exhausted
cartridges) osmosis plant or dematerialized water, with ion exchange resins, can be unsafe. Hyperbio Dechlorinator can offer a defense for the aquarium"s inhabitants, neutralizing these undesired substances.
Hyperbio Dechlorinator conditions fresh water,
making it suitable for the aquarium"s plants and animals, neutralizing heavy metals and chlorine. Hyperbio Dechlorinator has a stress reducing action, thanks to the presence of plant extracts.

During aquarium setup and after each water change, use 10ml for every 50 litres (13gal) of new water.
For intoxication from chlorine or heavy metals emergencies, use 20ml for every 50 litres (13gal) of water.
Shake well before use. Pour the product directly into the aquarium.

Accidental overdose of Hyperbio Dechlorinator is not harmful for the aquarium"s inhabitants.

ATTENTION: Product is not hazardous for health. Keep out of reach of children. Store in
a cool, dry place. Do not discard container in the environment. Container is completely recyclable.

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