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Item#: SIC440
Mfg#: chz1000-us
Product Name: HyperZeo Zeolite Mixture 1000ml
Category: Filter & Reactor Media*
Subategory: Ammonia Control
Manufacturer: Sicce
The decomposition of organic byproducts from aquarium biological activity can produce a number of compounds that disrupt the balance of the aquarium. In natural bodies of water, these substances are easily rendered harmless by the sheer volume of the water. Aquariums tend to have a higher biological load than found in nature so removing these harmful products becomes more critical for the health of the aquarium and it inhabitants.
HyperZeo is a natural microporous aluminosilicate mineral resin that quickly adsorbs organic pollutants through ion exchange to purify aquarium water. HyperZeo acts as a high surface area molecular sieve that effectively captures ammonia, heavy metals and other nitrogenous pollutants, such as ammonium, that can affect fish health and water quality. Though not as effective as carbon, HyperZeo can remove residues from medications that build up during treatment.
HyperZeo does not affect pH, does not leach phosphates and lengthens the time between water changes. The effectiveness of HyperZeo depends on the amount of organic material present, aquarium load, and water conditions. Always perform regular water tests and do regular water changes to make accurate assessments of your tank's general health.
Further, due to its porous structure, HyperZeo significantly increases the biological substrate for the proliferation of nitrifying bacteria which detoxify livestock waste and uneaten food.
HyperZeo is suitable for all aquarium types: freshwater; saltwater and reef. One 1000ml box treats 400 gallons of aquarium water.

Fill the net bag (included) with the desired amount of HyperZeo and close it with the special seal. We recommend changing HyperZeo after approximately 30 days of use.
Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.
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