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Why Sicce?
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Item#: SIC670
Product Name: Sicce Bio Pellet Reactor with Multi 1300 Pump
Category: Filtration*
Subategory: Reactors
Manufacturer: Sicce

The Sicce Bio Pellet Reactor with Multi 1300 Pump

Sicce is an industry leading manufacturer used around the world for many reasons.  The reasons stem from 40 years of quality and service. Expect no less from the Sicce Bio Pellet Reactor. 

Sicce Bio Pellet Reactor Specs:
•  Height:  13" 
•  Diameter:  5”.5 
•  For tanks up to 200 gal
•  Can be installed internally or externally
•  Includes Sicce Multi 1300 320gph pump
•  Includes 2 ft of 1/2” Vincon Tubing

The Bio Pellet Reactor mixes perfect design, superior craftsmanship, ease of installation, versatility and near zero maintenance!

The Bio Pellet Reactor takes efficiency to the next level. It’s proprietary designed pressure plate evenly tumbles every type of bio pellet to perfection without the need of higher water flows completely negating the need for the two pump recirculating design.  

The Bio Pellet Reactor uses no sponges to ever clog or replace, instead using our highly engineered laser cut acrylic baffle with its own grip keeping all bio pellets within the reactors chamber and out of your tank.

Biopellets have become a popular method of removing nitrates and phosphates from an aquarium. Biopellets are made primarily of a biodegradable polymer that promotes (“feeds”) aerobic and anaerobic bacteria making it a viable way to consume nutrients (NO3 and PO4) within a reactor. Unlike direct tank dosing methods that add carbon sources directly to the aquarium water column, the Sicce Bio Pellet Reactor consumes nutrients without the common downside of unsightly signs of bacteria throughout the system. Instead of turning the entire aquarium into a reactor, the Sicce Bio Pellet Reactor provides benefits neatly within or beside a filter under the cabinet. This prevents any mess in the display.

•  NO3 and PO4 removal
•  No dosing or increase in dosing over time
•  No cyanobacteria or bacterial side effects
•  No risk of overdosing
•  Easy to use
•  Increases protein skimmer output and efficiency
•  Bacteria is a food source for many species like coral and sponges

The Reactor and pump come with a (3) YEAR Limited Warranty from the date of the retail purchase by the original end-user.
If material or workmanship defect arises and a valid claim is received within the Warranty Period, Sicce will repair or replace the unit.  Pump rotors aka impellers are not covered.  See Sicceus.com to register your product for warranty eligibility and to file a claim if needed. Sicce cannot be held liable for damages to personal property due to misuse or improper care and maintenance of the Reactor and o-ring seals.
For full warranty see Sicceus.com

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